Tenacious Baits: Tactics for Bass


“The unique qualities of the Tenacious Weedless Swimbaits allow you to offer up a completely weedless presentation.”

There are two main things that set Tenacious Weedless Swimbaits and lead heads apart. First, the shank on the Tenacious Weedless lead heads has a worm-hook bend to it. Second, is that every Tenacious swimbait is hand poured with a hook slot in the belly of the bait. These unique qualities combine to make a natural-looking swimbait that is truly weedless. The lead heads have a 5/0 hook and come in ¾ oz. and 1oz. sizes.


“You want the bait to be totally weedless and you want it to sit naturally on the lead head, so it will swim straight”

  1. I like to lay the lead head next to the bait and look for the spot at the front of the bait where the hook should enter, so once I am finished rigging it, the hook point will be resting on the top of the bait and the bait will not have any curves or bends in it.
  2. Begin threading the swimbait onto the hook in the spot you have chosen and have the hook point exit the belly of the bait. Now push the front of the bait up to the lead head and twist the hook up.
  3. Place your thumb on the swimbait to mark the spot where the bend of the hook is pointing up; this is the spot where your hook will re-enter the bait. Bend the bait so you can put the hook back into the bait, and through the top of the bait as straight as possible.
  4. Now the hook point should be laying flat on the top of the bait, and the swimbait should be sitting naturally on the hook without any curves or bends in it.


The final step is to bury the hook point into the swimbait. To do this, gently push the bait toward the lead head, and while you are releasing the bait, bury the hook tip into the top of the bait (all you really need is for it to be skin hooked).


We all know about the bad neighborhoods we have to pull our fishy friends out of. We also know the sting of kissing a swimbait/lead head combo goodbye after we have snagged them in the kelp or on a rock. I almost never lose the Tenacious Weedless baits. I can efficiently fish them in; over, around, and through all of the fish-holding structure nature throws at us. How you fish the Tenacious Weedless baits is totally up to you – there are no limits! It is so weedless you can literally cast it onto dry rocks and drag it back into the water without getting hung up. My favorite way to fish this bait is for Calicos over kelp beds

“Looking for spots where the kelp is laying down in the current is a plus”

I will make a long cast over the edges of the kelp or over a couple of stocks, then quickly put the reel in gear and begin to wind it in; sometimes really fast, and sometimes slower. I will frequently pause it as it comes to a hole in the kelp bed or as it rolls over an edge. I don’t put it in free spool. The weighted head gives this swimbait an irresistible action as it falls, and a majority of bites will come on the sink. Experiment with this technique and you will be rewarded!

Tenacious Weedless Swimbaits are perfect for slow rolling over your favorite hard bottoms or through eelgrass in the harbors. You will be surprised at just how weedless these swimbaits are. You can roll it, burn it or bounce it through big fish terrain and never get hung up.


Calico Bass: "We love to eat with tenacious vigor!

Calico Bass: “We love to eat with tenacious vigor!

We make tons of choices when we are fishing. Make a few of the right choices and you will be rewarded with the fish of a lifetime. Tenacious Weedless Swimbaits are currently available in ten colors, and the weedless lead heads are available in six colors. The swimbaits are available in the 5-inch size, and the lead heads come in 3/4oz or 1 oz. poured on a unique 5/0 hook. Tenacious Baits will soon be releasing a 7” swimbait, which I have had the pleasure of experimenting with. Trust me when I say the old adage is true: “Big bait equals big fish.” They will also be releasing a 4” swimbait with 3/8 oz. and 1/2 oz. lead heads in the near future. My favorite combination for fishing Calicos is the yellow ¾ oz. lead head with the “Meltdown Brown” swimbait. The lead heads are awesome and they last a long time. I am fishing one now that has been on over 6 trips to the islands with me. I have caught multiple Calicos over 5 pounds on it, including one over 8lbs. It isn’t luck. Tenacious Weedless Swimbaits have a killer design that makes them super “fishy,” and they almost never get hung up.

If you are fishing spectra, it has almost no stretch, so don’t swing the first time you feel a fish bump your bait. Give it a second, wind down on it, let it load up the rod a little, and then give him the bad news. Trust me, it works! I practice CPR (catch, photograph, and release) with at least 99% of the bass I catch. Especially with Calicos which are slow to grow! If you want to consistently catch bigger fish, you have to PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS, and try to put all of the little pieces of the puzzle together.


Tenacious Baits Pro-Staffers, Jayson Quimby and Ron Withers from Team Anchored.


Keep your eyes on the water and don’t believe everything you read on the Internet – make your own discoveries. It starts with paying attention to the water, and how the fish and birds that live in and around it are reacting to it. You need to be able to consistently tie strong knots, and you need to develop a variety of retrieves that work for you. Finally, it helps if you make more casts. Simply put, the more time your bait spends in the strike zone the more likely it is that you will get the bites you are looking for. Tenacious Weedless Swimbaits are truly weedless, and this allows me to spend more time fishing not retying!

For more info on tenacious baits visit: http://www.tenaciousbaits.com/



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