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night fishing for bass

Under The Cover Of Darkness

The first time I ever heard anything about fishing for calico bass at night was when I was hanging out at a local fishing tackle shop near my house when I was around 10 years old. The “old timers” would come into the tackle shop and share their stories about the big bass they had caught while fishing the Federal break wall or as they ... More

Kicker Jigs: Color, Action & More

The Kicker Jigs family of Iron include Candyman and Iron Man Lures. Together they offer anglers a diverse array of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from. Color, Action & More... Mention the word ‘iron' to a west coast fisherman and many pictures immediately come to mind. Long rods swinging early summer barracuda over the rail on ... More

Saltwater Hard Bait Fishing 101

Hard Jerk-bait fishing can be deadly productive for targeting Calico Bass as Southern California's waters begin to warm. SUMMER DRAWS NEAR!!! As the water warms throughout Southern California ,calico bass migrate from their deep water winter haunts to the shallow structure that comprises what truly makes calico bass fishing so exciting. ... More

Tenacious Baits: Tactics for Bass

There are two main things that set Tenacious Weedless Swimbaits and lead heads apart. First, the shank on the Tenacious Weedless lead heads has a worm-hook bend to it. Second, is that every Tenacious swimbait is hand poured with a hook slot in the belly of the bait. These unique qualities combine to make a natural-looking swimbait that is ... More

Fishing Big Baits Will Produce

And as the saying goes... If you do anything long enough you'll eventually get lucky. Hell, it's the law of averages; right? Wrong. That being said, I've never caught a Calico Bass that was as big as the one my buddy Tom Mishek caught on my boat late last month, and I've been actively fishing for them for over ten years! Here's the ... More

Spotties, Spotties, Spotties

That was the word of the day for the 2005 series opener, “The Cabin Fever Reliever”, the bay bass tournament that marks the official beginning of the “Race for the Cup” series. Using artificial baits, teams fished for 7 hours with the goal of catching a limit of 5 Spotted Sand Bass that would out-weigh the rest of the field. All ... More

Fishing The Wall: Pitchin’ the Ultimate Saltwater Riprap

The Long Beach Breakwater better known as “The Wall”, is a unique fishery in and of itself. Situated within such heavy industry and shipping traffic, it seems almost foreign to be catching bass while several thousand-ton super freighters slide eerily by in the darkness. If you talk to someone about fishing the wall at night, you generally ... More