2017 Schedule Announced

Here we go, straight into the 2017 season ! We are very proud and excited to announce the venues, dates, and formats for the upcoming SWBA tournament trail. For 2017,  we’ve captured a great mix of 5 ‘Open’ events, a Tournament of Champions, and of course the California Offshore Challenge. Each event will showcase a unique segment of ... More

2016 SWBA Tournament of Champions Winners

TOC Wrap Up

The SWBA Tournament of Champions presented by Abu Garcia saw a few new twists in 2016. The single-day tournament held out of Long Beach CA, featured 12 hours of competition and ‘coastal only’ boundaries. While all 3 species were allowed in this event, the real ‘wild card’ would prove to be the elusive ‘spottted bay bass’. All ... More

Tactical, the long & short of it

A few months back, I received a care package from AFTCO that, included a pair of their ‘Tactical Fishing Shorts, Style ‘M82’ I’ve been so impressed with these well- made shorts, I felt compelled to write up a review after putting them through their paces. I never gave too much thought to the term ‘fishing shorts’, resolving ... More

winning team

Winning Day of Fishing

. Time and time again we hear the fun stories that prove, you don't need to win to have a winning day of fishing. With the 2016 SWBA season seemingly passing by in a ‘Semi-trimmed-up speed-blur’ , I thought it would be cool to take a few moments to re-cap the past 2 events, both of which included some of the offshore islands as ... More

swba round 1 winners 2016

Exciting Start to the Season

The results of this exciting 1st event, humble some of the best. Since year 1 of the SWBA, it's been a tradition to kick-off the season with a Spotted Bay Bass event.  2016 was no different, and San Diego bay was the venue of choice this go around. With Taco Surf and Bass Underground teaming up to present the 2016 season opener, and Abu ... More

saltwater bass pro fishing


Welcome to the new look of the Saltwater Bass Fishing! We are excited to announce the launch of the New SWBA site just in time for the start of the 2016 tournament season! We know it's been a long time coming, but as you might expect running these events takes a lot of work.  We have had many great ideas and suggestions from past and ... More

swba and sbs midnight mixer

SWBA and SBS Combine Forces

The SWBA and SBS are constantly trying to plan each seasons schedule to keep anglers excited about each other's event. As the 2015 SWBA Season wound down at the Abu Garcia Championship last September, anticipation for the 2016 schedule release was already building. After some unreal record setting performances, the well-received ... More

san diego bay bridge fishing

Breaking Down The ‘Big Bay’

With so much shoreline in San Diego Bay, you'll see countless banks with tons of drop-offs, some deeper and steeper than others, which may appeal to your style of fishing. More

saltwater bass tournaments aluminum boat swba

Fishing Bass Tournaments

Many ‘New Teams’ have entered our events with modest skiffs on minimal budgets. After a couple of events, they get bit by the ‘Tournament Bug’, and start upgrading their rigs, gear and the rest is history. More

  • swba and sbs midnight mixer

Midnight Mixer Bass Fishing

Nothing better than a Midnight Mixer with friends We would like to give a big thanks to everyone who came out last night for the 'Midnight Mixer' with the SBS crew!  The weather cooperated and allowed all 50 anglers who came from as far away as Atascadero, San Diego to San Bernardino to throw their $20 bucks into the hat & hit 'The ... More