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The Salt Water Bass Anglers concept drew from various fishing tournaments independently organized and directed by Eric Bent and James Shamblin in the early 2000’s.

Both directors had put on a number of tournaments from Dana Point to Long Beach, California using artificial lures and incorporating a live weigh-in format.

They joined forces in 2005 and started the SWBA Tournament Series which has grown to an average of 40-60, 2-man teams. The teams participate in boats ranging from 12-25 feet in length. They fish for Calico Bass, Sand Bass and Spotted Bay Bass. The competitive yet friendly environment that prevailed has been well received by passionate anglers who participate annually.

The initial goal was to develop a series that would accommodate both ends of the spectrum; i.e., two inner water events, where the more nimble features of the smaller boats would excel, and two outer events, where the larger, faster boats would have the edge. Taking things another step they decided to add a finale event, the “Race for the Cup” which accommodates teams from both inshore and island events competing against each other to find the 2 top anglers.

"Our overall mission has been to organize a well-run, environmentally friendly, affordable series that is fun to fish, competitive, and helps grow awareness to the sport"

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10. 0 lbs

Largest Calico Bass

10.69 lbs Calico Bass, Karl Erbacher, Team Salty, Long Beach, CA. May 11, 2015

14. 0 lbs

CA State Record

Calico Bass, San Clemente Island, C. O. Taylor

13. 0 lbs

CA State Record

Sand Bass, Huntington Flats, Robert Halal

35. 0 lbs

Heaviest 5 Fish Bag

Matt Florentino & Randy Spizer, Team Face Down Bass Up, Long Beach, CA 2011
  • Video Highlights

Video Highlights

  • The best saltwater bass anglers in the world, period. - Eric Bent    
  • Once you try salt water bass fishing, you never go back! - James Shamblin

Tournament 101

Fish 1 or All 7 Open Events!

Species: Calico Bass, Sand Bass, Spotted Bay Bass

Fish Limits: 5 Fish Total, 14" Min. Length

2 Angler Teams per Boat.


SWBA & Olive Crest team up for one-day record

In 2014 SWBA and Olive Crest teamed up to break the world record for the largest ever charitable contribution generated by a one day fishing tournament. - WON