COC: Back to the Islands

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It’s California Offshore Challenge Time!

That’s right, folks it’s that time of the year again ! The 8th Annual California Offshore Challenge was set for January 8th-10th 2016, but due to bad weather has been moved to April 1st-3rd, 2016. Reigning Champs, Josh Marquard and Ryan Krost of Team Bassoholics are looking forward to defending their title at West Coast’s Premier Calico Bass tournament!

Only the Best Calico Bass Anglers in the world!

This is a very popular 2-day tournament held by the Salt Water Bass Anglers out of Two Harbors, in Catalina Island.  It’s limited to 25, 2 man teams.  The best calico bass fisherman in the world are challenged not only by their competition, but also against their gear, boats, inclement weather, high swell and 3 great islands that could make them the talk of the town or leave them with plenty of fish stories until the following year.

3 Islands:

  • Santa Catalina Island
  • Santa Barbara Island
  • San Clemente Island

This event starts with teams arriving at two harbors on friday afternoon.  They mix with other teams over lunch and dinner and prep their gear for the 2 grueling days of hard-core calico bass fishing.  The teams spread out to the three different islands over the 2 days in search of the 5 biggest bass they can catch.  Teams head out just before daylight and return at 3-4pm depending on the day to weigh-in their biggest bags.   On Saturday evening, teams tell the most amazing stories of giants that got away or keep silent about how they caught their big fish over dinner.  Some head straight to their cabins to get some rest, while others stay up and mix with their peers and locals into the night.

The second day brings more of the same and much excitement as to which teams will prevail and which will fumble their leads.  As teams return to the weigh-in no one is really quick sure who will take the much coveted prizes and awards.

swba teams at catalina
bass fishing clemente island

team killer instinct

1. Teams docked at Twins Harbor
2. Fishing the Kelp Forests
3. Beware the large swell

If you are passionate about saltwater bass fishing and think you have the skills to compete against the best, then this is the event to enter.  Click Here for more details and to sign up today!



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