Kicker Jigs: Color, Action & More

The Kicker Jigs family of Iron include Candyman and Iron Man Lures. Together they offer anglers a diverse array of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from. Color, Action & More... Mention the word ‘iron' to a west coast fisherman and many pictures immediately come to mind. Long rods swinging early summer barracuda over the rail on ... More

Tenacious Baits: Tactics for Bass

There are two main things that set Tenacious Weedless Swimbaits and lead heads apart. First, the shank on the Tenacious Weedless lead heads has a worm-hook bend to it. Second, is that every Tenacious swimbait is hand poured with a hook slot in the belly of the bait. These unique qualities combine to make a natural-looking swimbait that is ... More

Performance Tackle: Tournament Headquarters

PERFORMANCE TACKLE If you were to talk about Southern California tackle shops and their employees, Performance Tackle in Los Alamitos would certainly rank as one of the premier in terms of versatility. As technology pushes the sport in more technique specific directions, diversity becomes increasingly scarce. Anglers find a niche within ... More

Quality Performance Marine

THE 2009 CALICO COASTAL... Once again the anglers of the SWBA are poised and ready to do battle in the waters of Dana Point! Only this season, the ‘Calico Coastal', rescheduled, has been camouflaged under a blanket of cold water and Dana Point this time of year will no doubt put up a mighty defense in terms of surrendering it's booty of ... More