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Kicker Jigs: Color, Action & More

The Kicker Jigs family of Iron include Candyman and Iron Man Lures. Together they offer anglers a diverse array of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from. Color, Action & More... Mention the word ‘iron' to a west coast fisherman and many pictures immediately come to mind. Long rods swinging early summer barracuda ... More

Saltwater Hard Bait Fishing 101

Hard Jerk-bait fishing can be deadly productive for targeting Calico Bass as Southern California's waters begin to warm. SUMMER DRAWS NEAR!!! As the water warms throughout Southern California ,calico bass migrate from their deep water winter haunts to the shallow structure that comprises what truly makes calico bass ... More

Welcome to Norbuland! North of Malibu…

So you're making the trek up to the Northern most region of our beloved Paralabrax and you're asking yourself now what? Well the Santa Barbara county coastline isn't so different than the rest of Southern California; it has lush kelp beds, rocky bottom, hard bottom, reefs etc. What it may lack is the mass amounts of visible ... More

Tenacious Baits: Tactics for Bass

There are two main things that set Tenacious Weedless Swimbaits and lead heads apart. First, the shank on the Tenacious Weedless lead heads has a worm-hook bend to it. Second, is that every Tenacious swimbait is hand poured with a hook slot in the belly of the bait. These unique qualities combine to make a natural-looking ... More

Performance Tackle: Tournament Headquarters

PERFORMANCE TACKLE If you were to talk about Southern California tackle shops and their employees, Performance Tackle in Los Alamitos would certainly rank as one of the premier in terms of versatility. As technology pushes the sport in more technique specific directions, diversity becomes increasingly scarce. Anglers find a ... More

Bass Boats Out of Beer Cans

A couple empty beer cans, a few hundred bucks, a weekend of work in the driveway and voila...you've got a purpose built paralabrax punisher. A lot of guys out there own aluminum boats and find themselves applying bass fishing techniques like flipping', pitchin' and casting more often than trolling or anchoring up. For these ... More

California Offshore Challenge: Reflections

Good Times with Good Friends! Hot summer days, bikinis on the beaches, warm water, when one thinks of theses things, one place comes to mind, Southern California. For those of us who have been fortunate enough to live here our entire lives, we look forward to the warm weather and bikinis on the beaches. Fishermen also ... More

Pearl Swimbaits? What Up?

For the better part of the last two years, the word “pearl” has been finding its way into the conversational lime-light of several So-Cal. angling tribes... what up? We thought we would take a closer look at Pearl to see what's behind all the hoopla. HISTORY Spend a little time with father and son team Bill and Mike ... More

Who Will be Crowned the Best?

No more Pre-fishing… No more logging coordinates in the GPS looking for the next “Secret Spot”… No more studying maps... No more restless nights… No more 2am alarms… Just 8 more hours to catch 5 fish and attain 1 final goal. With the hype over, the trash talking silent, only the sound of the radio crackling… ... More

Quality Performance Marine

THE 2009 CALICO COASTAL... Once again the anglers of the SWBA are poised and ready to do battle in the waters of Dana Point! Only this season, the ‘Calico Coastal', rescheduled, has been camouflaged under a blanket of cold water and Dana Point this time of year will no doubt put up a mighty defense in terms of surrendering ... More