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TOC Wrap Up

The SWBA Tournament of Champions presented by Abu Garcia saw a few new twists in 2016. The single-day tournament held out of Long Beach CA, featured 12 hours of competition and ‘coastal only’ boundaries. While all 3 species were allowed in this event, the real ‘wild card’ would prove to be the elusive ‘spottted bay ... More

Shelf Bass Special

While the current trend of anglers pushing their skiffs over to the offshore islands in pursuit of big calicos in pristine and un-tapped waters, the roots of inshore bass fishing is just that, 'In-Shore'. The foundation and building blocks of the SWBA is based on events held along our coastline from Santa Barbara to San Diego. ... More

Breaking Down The ‘Big Bay’

With so much shoreline in San Diego Bay, you'll see countless banks with tons of drop-offs, some deeper and steeper than others, which may appeal to your style of fishing. More

Fishing Mission Bay Overview

Mission Bay: Loaded with tons of eel grass. The question is not where to find it but rather where not to find it! Here is an overview of my beloved Mission Bay . I am stoked it is part of the SWBA series this year, and I want everyone to have a good time, so I will give out some spots and their names. It is up to you to find ... More

Kicker Jigs: Color, Action & More

The Kicker Jigs family of Iron include Candyman and Iron Man Lures. Together they offer anglers a diverse array of colors, shapes and sizes to choose from. Color, Action & More... Mention the word ‘iron' to a west coast fisherman and many pictures immediately come to mind. Long rods swinging early summer barracuda ... More

Saltwater Hard Bait Fishing 101

Hard Jerk-bait fishing can be deadly productive for targeting Calico Bass as Southern California's waters begin to warm. SUMMER DRAWS NEAR!!! As the water warms throughout Southern California ,calico bass migrate from their deep water winter haunts to the shallow structure that comprises what truly makes calico bass ... More

Bass Boats Out of Beer Cans

A couple empty beer cans, a few hundred bucks, a weekend of work in the driveway and voila...you've got a purpose built paralabrax punisher. A lot of guys out there own aluminum boats and find themselves applying bass fishing techniques like flipping', pitchin' and casting more often than trolling or anchoring up. For these ... More

The Skinny On Fishing Newport Harbor

The 1st stop in the SWBA 2006 "Race for the Cup" Newport Harbor is known as one of the finest small boat harbors in the world. It is as functional as it is beautiful. Boat slips line most of the shoreline, in addition to mid channel anchorage. All size recreational and commercial boats can be accommodated, from the smallest ... More

A Day On The Water with Jack Sowell

You could hear the shotgun start from the sign-up desk in the parking lot as 33 boats raced away to secure 5 Calico Bass in the hopes of adorning “The Cup” with their team's name. The weather couldn't have been better, flat calm seas with the air temperature in the upper 70s.The field was split; most headed north to fish ... More