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Fishing Bass Tournaments

Many ‘New Teams’ have entered our events with modest skiffs on minimal budgets. After a couple of events, they get bit by the ‘Tournament Bug’, and start upgrading their rigs, gear and the rest is history. More

Welcome to Norbuland! North of Malibu…

So you're making the trek up to the Northern most region of our beloved Paralabrax and you're asking yourself now what? Well the Santa Barbara county coastline isn't so different than the rest of Southern California; it has lush kelp beds, rocky bottom, hard bottom, reefs etc. What it may lack is the mass amounts of visible shoreline struct... More

Bass Boats Out of Beer Cans

A couple empty beer cans, a few hundred bucks, a weekend of work in the driveway and've got a purpose built paralabrax punisher. A lot of guys out there own aluminum boats and find themselves applying bass fishing techniques like flipping', pitchin' and casting more often than trolling or anchoring up. For these guys, the ... More