Face-Off at the Wall

Spinner baits were key in helping Keith Michael and Jim Behrens win the top ten Finale'. Keith and Jim weighed 5 bass for 14.86lbs. and also took "Big Fish" honors with a Sand Bass that weighed 3.49lbs. PHOTO:HeeYoung Park Season Finale' "Face off at the Wall" It seems like only yesterday... we gathered in the parking lot at The ... More

A Day On The Water with Jack Sowell

You could hear the shotgun start from the sign-up desk in the parking lot as 33 boats raced away to secure 5 Calico Bass in the hopes of adorning “The Cup” with their team's name. The weather couldn't have been better, flat calm seas with the air temperature in the upper 70s.The field was split; most headed north to fish tight to the ... More

Spotties, Spotties, Spotties

That was the word of the day for the 2005 series opener, “The Cabin Fever Reliever”, the bay bass tournament that marks the official beginning of the “Race for the Cup” series. Using artificial baits, teams fished for 7 hours with the goal of catching a limit of 5 Spotted Sand Bass that would out-weigh the rest of the field. All ... More

Fishing The Wall: Pitchin’ the Ultimate Saltwater Riprap

The Long Beach Breakwater better known as “The Wall”, is a unique fishery in and of itself. Situated within such heavy industry and shipping traffic, it seems almost foreign to be catching bass while several thousand-ton super freighters slide eerily by in the darkness. If you talk to someone about fishing the wall at night, you generally ... More